Removing cement render – 2013

…. in preparation for the extension

Repairs on a building this age are never really finished, but there is a list of essential jobs we want to do before starting on the extension, for which we won planning permission in late 2012. The first step is to finish the external repairs to the end of the old building where the extension will be built. This means removing a large amount of cement render. Continue reading “Removing cement render – 2013”

We win planning permission to extend

It has taken much of the year, but we have finally got permission to replace the old part of the house that collapsed several decades ago, which will add just over 50 per cent to the floor area of the building.

If you look carefully, you can see the outline of the vanished end of the building marked on this recent Ordnance Survey
The outline of the section of the building which fell down – the part closest to the pond –  is still shown on this recent Ordnance Survey map

One important factor was to demonstrate with photos and archives that there was a complete building on the site only a few decades ago, and certainly post-1948, which seems to be an important date.  I may have misunderstood it, but the gist seemed to be that the old structure legally still had some vague sort of existence, so that we were in a sense rebuilding, and giving back the farm complex (of which our house is a part) its previous layout.

This began as a project to convert into a home a Grade II listed farm service building that had the same legal status as a barn and which did not even have planning permission when we bought it. Continue reading “We win planning permission to extend”