Old floorboards

And now for the next challenge, but I need to get fit first: does everyone get quite as stiff as I do when trying to work for long hours on a floor? It is the most uncomfortable position to work in, apart perhaps from plastering a ceiling, but we are about to start on repairing a lovely old floor that until now has been covered to protect it, so the pain will be worthwhile (I hope). Not entirely sure what it is, but think that it is oak or elm. More later, as we get going on the job next week.

One thought on “Old floorboards”

  1. I can understand your feelings about this for two reasons. 1 – your height! Makes bending over or movement of any kind even harder on the body. 2 – Knowing about point 1, it is SO easy to find something way more “interesting” to do but no where near as essential!

    Well done for getting motivated! I look forward to the follow up…

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